Writing, painting, having a chat…

I am a fine art graduate, for whatever that’s worth. I live in my beloved hometown of Liverpool, where I write stuff, paint stuff, take pictures, research family history on behalf of myself and other people, and eat snacks.

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This is my life…

Fancy a cuppa?

I’m slowly getting back into making paintings.

I wonder a lot and write a bit about stuff I notice on my wanderings.

Live well. Eat well. Chips.

Up The Toffees!

Everton Football Club





Mr. Jamie Yates

Since I was small I’ve had an issue with the fact that I didn’t grow up where I was born, coming home to Liverpool at last meant a lot. My name has changed several times, occasionally by choice. I find life pretty confusing sometimes and, perhaps as a result, my slant on the world is a little bit skewed. Oh well.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

“Absolute nonsense”

Of all the nerve. Easily the most appalling human being I’ve ever met.

Carol Vorderman

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

“Who IS this buffoon?”

Jamie who? Not what I asked for.

Alan Titchmarsh

Rating: 2 out of 5.

“Don’t believe a word”

A textbook attention seeker. Seek help.

Noel Edmonds

*I despise the word Blog

Sometimes I write stuff…

    I had annoying dreams I couldn’t escape from. What about? Haha. Well. I went to a gig or something with my mate. Afterwards we stayed over at his mum and dad’s and my daughter was there. I slept in hisContinue reading LAST NIGHT
    I am wired. I am weird. I am both. Permanently. But I suppress the first one completely and play the second one down. Being me will kill me one day. I’ll implode. Something will one day attack my body. OrContinue reading “STOP WASTING TIME”
  • Finding My Voice
    I’m starting to find my voice at “lass-t”It isn’t “grarse”, it’s “grass”I go for a “bath”, don’t soak in the “barth”“Bootties” are for chips, not “batties”And it’s a “baarm”, not a roll or anything elseWhere I come from I wasContinue reading “Finding My Voice”