I take photographs with my iPhone everywhere I go. I’d rather be using the Pentax manual SLR my parents bought before I was born to take pictures of a baby me, but I need to get it serviced. Between 2006-2007 I took a series of photographs around Goodison Park, Walton, in the north of Liverpool and published them myself in a book I called The Wanderings of an Everton Nerd.

Goodison Park is the home stadium of Everton Football Club and I am a lifelong fan. I was born in Everton in 1979 but, like many Scousers, my dad was struggling to find work in the early 1980s and we moved away. I grew up in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, went to university in Bath, lived in London, East Yorkshire, Glasgow and rural Argyllshire returning home to Walton in August 2018.

I love where I live. I’d never felt at home in living memory until I came back here, just a mile from where we lived when I was a newborn baby. Walton is a fascinating area, so much history, a lot of social problems, poverty and unrest, but a strong sense of community still prevails.

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