I studied for a BA Hons degree in Fine Art (Painting) At Bath Spa University College from 1999-2002. I mostly made paintings in a loose, Abstract Expressionist kind of style (including the image below), before completing the course with a final degree show which explored my obsession with Everton Football Club. I do a bit of a mixture of things these days.

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NEW STUFF + ‘Hands On Wrong’ EXHIBITION (2022)

The fantastic Liverpool Arts Bar, on Liverpool’s historic and beautiful Hope Street, hosted an exhibition of my latest work (plus a few oldies) in April 2022.

NEW WORK!! (2021)

I’ve been a bit busy in lockdown. More to follow. All work available to purchase unless otherwise stated.

Oil on canvas 12″ x 12″
Oil on canvas 12″ x 12″
Oil on canvas 12″ x 12″
Oil on canvas 24″ x 24″
Oil on canvas 24″ x 24″
Oil on canvas 16″ x 16″
Oil on canvas 12″ x 12″ *SOLD*
Oil on canvas 8″ x 8″ *SOLD*
Oil on canvas 24″ x 24″ *SOLD*
Oil on canvas 24″ x 24″ *SOLD*
Oil on canvas 16″ x 20″ *SOLD*
Oil on canvas 10″ x 10″
Oil on canvas 12″ x 12″
Oil on canavs 20″ x 16″


Bounce (2000), oil on canvas, 100cm x 100cm. One of a few paintings remaining from my university days, 1999-2002.

Above, two paintings from the early 2000s, on the left an untitled process painting using miles of masking tape and a random selection of domestic house paint ‘tester pots’ of emulsion and gloss paints. On the right, a speculative piece painted on a small, spare canvas I’d made out of leftover materials and essentially started as a way to use up paint from other, larger paintings. Painted while I was at university in around 2000; I was watching the African Cup of Nations football at the time and the colours and movement were definitely an inspiration.

Above a couple of abstract sketches drawn from nowhere.

The above sketches done during a dynamic life-drawing class held in collaboration between the Rockfield Community Centre in Oban and the Scottish Ballet in May 2018.

The above paintings were painted as a gift, around 2009/2010. The Queens of Country: Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline & Wanda Jackson; all painted in oil on canvas, dimensions 70cm x 70cm.

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