Online Dating

Used carsRescue animalsOnline datesIt’s the same processSifting through life’s unwanted ads Several previous ownersLikes beards, tattoos and banterDoes not play nicely with other animalsHigh mileage but a great little runnerAbandoned, through no fault of their own Who on earth am I kidding?The excess baggage I carryMakes me a serious flight riskAn accident waiting to happenDon’tContinue reading “Online Dating”

On A Loop

The truthKeeps me awakeWhy deny it I’m a waste of spaceAching carcassBloated faceBrain drainedA disgrace No pulse can keep paceA broken heart can’t raceNot any moreHopes, dreams chasedInto darkness A familiar placeLonelinessEmotions encasedSense of self goneLost without trace Until at last a tasteA measure lacedWith but a dropNothing moreOf hope

I Love It

I love it when my mindInterrupts my mouthAnd off I goIn another directionIt’s thrillingThe not knowingWhile off on several tangentsAll at once recentlyI realised somethingQuite profoundAbout my existenceTen-year-old meDied, tragicallyOver thirty years agoIn a mental health accidentThe direct cause of whichWas my father’s ownTragic death as a childHis little worldCaved right in on himAnd heContinue reading “I Love It”