Here We Go (Again!)

So, another embarrassing spanking for Everton at Anfield on Wednesday night. I’m not bitter. Hurt, bemused, a bit sad maybe. But the aftermath has seen another manager given his marching orders and an old hero of mine ushered in to, at least temporarily, replace him.

Who’d have thunk, Big Dunc? As a 14/15 year old nerd in the mid-1990s he spearheaded a temporary revival in Everton fortunes. On his day he was “unplayable” was a line our then manager Joe Royle used. Along with “he’s become a legend before he’s become a player”. True. But he did so in such grand style.

For all the on field disciplinary issues, the injuries, accusations that he didn’t look after himself off the field, he gave some of us naive souls something to cling to. Someone to believe in. On his day. Wow.

I spent the duration of the match (radio commentary on in the background, call me old fashioned but I can’t be doing with internet streams) working on the attached painting. Still plenty of work required, but it’s getting there. 21 November 1994. 25 years ago. Duncan Ferguson’s first goal for Everton. Towering header. 1-0. Gwladys Street End. Versus our local rivals. Heaven.

Tomorrow he is on the touchline as Everton manager. Who knows for how long. Our Andy and I will be there to catch another glimpse of him. The hope killing us once again…

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