Proud and delighted to have sold the four paintings which I exhibited at the Everton in the Community gala screening of Howard’s Way at St. George’s Hall in Liverpool city centre on Monday 11 November 2019. An incredible night for all involved. For me as artist, Evertonian and utterly spellbound human being, it was almost too much to fathom. An unbelievable platform from which to launch my new beginning, finally “going public” with the creative abilities I’ve always hidden. And as a lifelong Everton fanatic, well… a night I’ll never forget.

Highlights? Every moment, pretty much! The film is very special indeed. I wrote a piece about it for Toffeeweb after the premiere of the film at Odeon Liverpool One a week before the glitz and glamour of St. George’s Hall. It’s a very moving piece of work, lovingly crafted by Rob Sloman and his team. A story of glory and heartbreak. Everything about being an Evertonian distilled into 185 minutes footage.

Tears in the eyes of the participants, Howard Kendall’s men, who were on the brink of sweeping all before them before cruel, cruel fate intervened, not for the first, second, third or last time in Everton Football Club history. Tears in the eyes of everyone watching. But plenty of laughs, moments fit to inspire an involuntary punching of the air or roar of approval amongst those attending screenings or watching from the comfort of their settee at home.

It’s what Everton is all about for me, stuff like this. It’s our thing. The whole “those who know, understand”. Sod everyone else. And yet, the film deserves wider acclaim and would appeal to any true football fan as a stand alone work of art. I hope it gets pushed out beyond the warm embrace of Evertonian circles. We’ll be back, we’ll win again. But wherever we are we’ll cherish those memories. Thanks to all involved for making this movie happen.

And! I got to meet Alan Harper. At last! It’s a long story. But there he was. And what a wonderful man he is. I knew he’d be lovely. Mr. Versatile. The man with the most nicknames in football; who played in every outfield position for Everton; and who none other than Howard Kendall himself signed on no less than three occasions. #meetyourheroes

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